Perinotto's passion and genuine talent were recognized in 1992, when he was invited to join the selected group of French Official Aviation Artists. His black and white oil paintings quickly gained him a strong reputation. He has been a member of the Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace since 2010.

    With a simple and effective style, combined with an incredible handling of light, his work has an exceptionnal vitality. Perinotto also likes playing with shades and colours; his colour paintings show a particular bias towards deep blue colours.

    Perinotto is passionate about WW II fighters and propliners. With his planes, you hear the noise of the engines, you feel the stress of a pilot engaged in an air combat, you experience the thrill of cruising above the North Atlantic ocean on a Constellation.

  • 2020

    CHARLES DOLLFUS prize - Aéro-Club de France

  • 2019

    PAUL TISSANDIER diploma by the FAI

  • 2011

    Published first Artbook

  • 2010

    Member of the French AerospaceAcademy

  • 1992

    Elected French Official Aviation Artist

  • 1986

    Starts as a professional artist

  • 1970

    Graphic designer

  • 1949

    Born in Bordeaux (France)

Airways Magazine n°23, fall 2021

Magazine of the Aeroclub de France - June 2019


Nov.2021 - Versailles, Historical Book Fair

Nov.2019 - Versailles, Historical Book Fair

September 2019 - Paris, Château de Vincennes

Nov.2018 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Oct.2017 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Sept.2017 - Luxembourg, Aero-Design Gallery

Oct.2014 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Jun.2013 - Le Bourget, Air and Space Museum

Dec.2012 - Brussels, Astrartes Gallery

May 2012 - Paris, Oblique Gallery

Nov.2011 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Jun.2011 - Le Bourget, Air and Space Museum

May.2011 - Geneva, StoneBundle Gallery

Nov.2009 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Jun.2009 - Le Bourget, Air and Space Museum

Oct.2007 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Jun.2007 - Le Bourget, Air and Space Museum

Aug.2006 - Bordeaux, Art on the Lookout

Oct.2005 - Paris, Galerie Vitesse

Jun.2005 - Le Bourget, Air and Space Museum

Mar.2001 - Munich airport

First exhibition - Orly Airport, 1996